New way to energize your day!

Another early morning has Alex groggy and tired. Late nights completing engineering homework combined with 8am classes has taken its toll on his sleep and alertness. Alex has tried everything to help give him an energy boost, he even tried to become a coffee drinker, but unfortunately his taste buds still can't stand coffee. 

Finally, after barely staying awake during class one morning, he had enough and began searching online for anything to help him out. That's when he came across a rich hot chocolate that claimed it had as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Being a lover of hot cocoa himself and with no other favorable alternatives, Alex decided to make the purchase.

Now Alex couldn't get through the cold, winter school days without V!VA Caffeinated Cocoa. With the rich taste of liquid chocolate combined with 100 milligrams of caffeine, Alex found his  delicious way to energize in the morning, or get a boost when he's up doing homework late.